Fiona, Troon

I had been on every diet under the sun and joined every weight loss club going, for over twenty years now. I’ve even had meals delivered to the house for months at a time, but although I usually managed to lose a few pounds, it always piled back on again after a couple of months.

I was fed up with low calorie meals that tasted awful and didn’t satisfy me and I felt like I was missing out all the time. I now love shopping for fresh, healthy food and find that I’m really satisfied eating smaller portions of tasty meals that the family all love too. For years, I’ve been buying nothing but black and navy clothes that I hated, just because they fitted and hid my shape. But now, for the first time since I was in my twenties, I buy nothing but bright colours and high heels.

Sunlight Therapy has changed my life. I used to always feel humiliated and embarrassed, but now I’m more confident and happier than I ever thought possible. You made it fun and easy for me to lose weight. I now enjoy my daily walk and I’ve even started learning to play golf with two of my girlfriends.